The search is on for South Africa’s finest role models in
the Management of Technology, Management of Innovation, Management of People, and Management of Systems.

The tt100 Business Innovation Awards program was launched in 1991 to create an awareness of the role of technology and innovation in South Africa. Since then the program has evolved into one of the foremost business awards programs in South Africa.

The celebration of 30 years of Technology and Innovation Excellence has created new imperatives for tt100:

  • A holistic business initiative
  • Add  value to all participants through education and coaching programs
  • Creation of extensive business networking opportunities
  • A variety of research and knowledge dissemination activities
  • Foremost Business awards program in South Africa

Who should enter?
Entrants of the tt100 programme include a wide spectrum of operations in diversified industries. They exemplify those who through passion, perseverance and a highly developed sense of innovation, have defied all odds, and have become recognised as significant players in the global economy.
How to enter?
Entries opened on February 26, 2021. All entrants should be registered before September 30, 2021. On receipt of registration, an assessment is conducted and in the event of acceptance, companies are notified and required to make a pledge in the form of a donation towards the establishment of the tt100 research fund.
Unique adjudication
tt100 uses a unique adjudication process to assess what drives companies that demonstrate excellence in the Management of Innovation and Technology. This is based on The Da Vinci Institute’s trademarked TIPS framework - referring to the management of Technology, Innovation, People and Systemic Thinking.
- tt100 participants receive customised feedback on how they manage TIPS™ enabling them to improve the way they operate their organisations

- A special benefit is feedback received from the adjudicators (verbal feedback, electronic dashboard)

- Each participant receives a 30-minute post-awards feedback session with the chief adjudicator

- Become part of tt100 community

- Participants Exhibit the organisation to other participants and guest for tt100 at the annual dinner

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From the world of Da Vinci.

The Da Vinci Institute was established with the help of Nelson Mandela and is the custodian of tt100. As a School of Business Leadership contributing towards socio-economic development and transformation, the Institute’s purpose is to cultivate Business Leaders through the core principles of business-driven action learning by offering students a personalized journey of self-discovery and co-creation. tt100 is, therefore, a perfect fit.

Being the only Mode 2 educational institution of its kind in South Africa, the Institute is focused on the creation of knowledge that is trans-disciplinary in nature, socially relevant and of which the intent is to solve work-based problems and to contribute towards the professional development of the people involved. It is in this context that The Institute facilitates a journey of self-discovery for prospective business leaders and entrepreneurs. Da Vinci’s full profile is available for download here.

From the world of tt100

“In the years we didn’t win, we networked with the winners to find out what they were doing with their systems, people or technology that we weren’t. They were willing to share and we to listen, just as when we have won, we were willing to share…None of the others (business awards programmes) are as focused on our core business as the tt100. Nobody else has a model like the TIPS model. For us, it works.”

JD Henderson

“Our solutions are enterprise solutions, and when we started out, we asked ourselves, ‘How do we get traction and credibility among the larger companies and industries?’ Well, it helps if you can show that you are peer reviewed and being better externally. Peer review is very important, especially in early stages (of a business), Being an award-winning technology company also makes it easier to prove your credentials.”

Wayne Aronson

“I love working with entrepreneurs and believe we should do everything we can to help more entrepreneurs grow and thrive… People need to know and sense that you care about what they are doing, and that means sharing what you think they do well and where they could improve. It’s not always easy to give feedback but if I don’t, then who will? It could help someone.”

Mmbodi Rambau – Nesengani

“Driving technology is the basis for businesses to innovate in the global landscape. This awards programme drives South African businesses to get better, gives them a platform to profile themselves in the market, and encourages them to look at how they can use technology and innovate to make the best of their business.”

Marilize Schwar
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