The search is on to find leaders and organisations that demonstrate their prowess in the Management of Technology, Innovation and People in a systemic way.


tt100 is a non-profit company that runs a business innovation awards programme, for organisations and individuals that operate within developing socio-economic contexts. Since 1991, tt100 has been recognising organisations and individual leaders that have successfully managed their technology, innovation and people in a systemic way. tt100 focuses on identifying emerging, as well as, established business leaders across private and public sectors that showcase these tenets.    

The awards programme is about identifying those distinguishing technology, innovation and people management characteristics that contribute towards sustainable organisations who despite increasingly difficult times continue to be agile, aligned and engaged. tt100 recognises that anyone can establish, build and manage an innovation management system whatever sector they are in and however big or small they are.

Based on over 150 metrics, the programme provides a deep insight into the true sustainability of organisations or individually run businesses in the categories of emerging, small, medium and large enterprises. Emphasis is placed on how the organisation manages its technology, innovation and people within a systemic context. By virtue of the profound impact innovation has on every facet of our lives, the tt100 programme has evolved into one in which all businesses, regardless of their industry, are candidates for the programme. It is now recognised that global competitive organisations use the integration between innovation, technology and people as an important strategic driver.

Who should enter?
Entrants of the tt100 programme include a wide spectrum of operations and or individuals in diversified industries. Any organisation or individual that believes they are a sustainable business that is able to evidence skills, processes and practices towards the successful Management of Technology, Innovation and People in a systemic way should enter. The awards categorise organisations or individual businesses as emerging, small, medium and large. Entrants should exemplify those who through passion, perseverance and a highly developed sense of innovation, have defied all odds, and have become recognised as significant players in the global economy.
How to enter?
Entries opened on February 26, 2021. All entrants should be registered before September 30, 2021.
Unique adjudication
tt100 uses a unique adjudication process to assess what is embedded in organisations that demonstrate systemic thinking in the Management of Technology, Innovation, and People. tt100 uses the TIPS Managerial Leadership Framework to facilitate an adjudication process assessing the levels of agility, alignment, and engagement within each workplace.

The awards programme aims to assess the level of integration a workplace has achieved in Managing technology, Innovation and People in a Systemic manner. The purpose is to evaluate sustainable business performance with reference to these aspects.

Validity of the adjudication process is promoted through a rigorous engagement process involving clear requirements and goals to be achieved by the panel of adjudicators.

tt100 conducts post-award feedback sessions with participating organisations advising participants on matters that could be improved to enhance their business performance and global competitiveness.

- tt100 participants receive customised feedback on how they manage TIPS™ enabling them to improve the way they operate their organisations
- A special benefit is feedback received from the adjudicators (verbal feedback, electronic dashboard)
- Each participant receives a 30-minute post-awards feedback session with the chief adjudicator
- Participants become part of tt100 community
- Participants exhibit the organisation to other participants and guests for tt100 at the annual awards dinner

TT100 Business Innovation Awards Programme NPC is governed by all policies applicable to the Davinci Institute of Technology Management.

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