tt100’s bold vision for 2018 is a win for SA’s business innovators

There are deep reservoirs of innovation in South Africa and this talent must not go untapped. For 26 years, the tt100 Business Innovation Awards Programme has been bringing to light and celebrating organisations whose innovative spirit stands out – not just for the extraordinary quality of their ideas but the proven ability to turn these into commercially sustainable products or services with real socio-economic impact.

All of us can learn from these winning organisations, who will be sharing the secrets of their success at a series of special events and projects planned for the 2018 tt100 Awards.

The sharing starts on 28 February 2018 with the first-ever TIPS tt100 Conference. Here, winners of the 2017 tt100 awards will take centre stage to reveal how they manage their technology, innovation, people and systems (TIPS) to build excellent, sustainable, prosperous enterprises.

In March, in another new and exciting first, we will be telling the tt100 story in Zimbabwe through an awareness programme sure to catch the attention of that resilient and entrepreneurial nation.

More tt100 milestones are set to follow in preparation for the opening of the 2018 competition in May, close of registration in August, adjudication in September and the awards evening in November.

The tt100 Business Innovation Awards Programme has a bold, inspiring vision for 2018. Join us on the journey.

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