Osprey Technologies

Winner of the award for Excellence in the Management of Technology for 2019, category for emerging enterprises

Our adjudicator Mrs Janet du Preez shares with us their experience of Osprey Technologies.

Like an orchestra, IT support all fits together

Sssshhhh! Do you hear that sound? It’s the harmony of an orchestra where every instrument is playing at exactly the moment it should, at precisely the right pitch and pace. Well, Osprey Technologies is not in the music business but the orchestra analogy is a good one for describing what this IT support company does so well in the management of technology.

“I think our biggest strength is that we know where and when each piece of the service fits in,” says Nuren Govender, director of Osprey. “We coordinate all the different service providers and technologies, and we put it all together in a way that works.”

And because Osprey is the one coordinating all the different parts, its staff know almost instinctively how to locate any piece that is out of sync.

Nuren explains. “If you as a small or medium-sized company do your own IT and you have a problem such as slow connection speed, you would phone the internet service provider. They would probably say, ‘No, it’s not us.’ Then you would phone the network service provider, and they would say, ‘No, it’s not us either’. And so on and so on. We know where the problem is and go straight to the right place without this constant bouncing around between service providers.”

Part of this trouble-shooting skill comes from long experience: Osprey has been in the infrastructure support business for 12 years. The second part of it is having really good systems in place to monitor and respond to client problems, including a central helpdesk to log, track and trace. Third, the company has excellent client relationships. “Our ethos is to build relationships with clients and we get to know their businesses extremely well,” says Nuren.

Last but not least, the Osprey team is small but highly committed, motivated and hard-working. “Eight years ago, it was just me in the company,” he says. “Now there are six of us and between us, we service 30 to 40 clients.”

This was the first time the company had entered the tt100 awards programme, he says, and the announcement that Osprey had won Management of Technology in the category for emerging enterprises caught him off guard. “I had taken out my phone because I wanted to take a picture of the winner, and then they called out our name! It was awesome.”

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