“I love working with entrepreneurs and believe we should do everything we can to help more entrepreneurs grow and thrive… People need to know and sense that you care about what they are doing, and that means sharing what you think they do well and where they could improve. It’s not always easy to give feedback but if I don’t, then who will? It could help someone.”

Mmbodi Rambau - Nesengani

Senior Development Impact Specialist in the Industrial Development Corporation (IDC), regular tt100 adjudicator

“Driving technology is the basis for businesses to innovate in the global landscape. This awards programme drives South African businesses to get better, gives them a platform to profile themselves in the market, and encourages them to look at how they can use technology and innovate to make the best of their business.”

Marilize Schwar

of Absa Corporate and Investment Bank, tt100 Adjudicator

“Our solutions are enterprise solutions, and when we started out, we asked ourselves, ‘How do we get traction and credibility among the larger companies and industries?’ Well, it helps if you can show that you are peer reviewed and being better externally. Peer review is very important, especially in early stages (of a business), Being an award-winning technology company also makes it easier to prove your credentials.”

Wayne Aronson

Chief Executive of Technetium, winner of several tt100 awards

“In the years we didn’t win, we networked with the winners to find out what they were doing with their systems, people or technology that we weren’t. They were willing to share and we to listen, just as when we have won, we were willing to share…None of the others (business awards programmes) are as focused on our core business as the tt100. Nobody else has a model like the TIPS model. For us, it works.”

JD Henderson

Managing Director of X/procure, multiple tt100 award-winnner

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