The Management of Technology (MoT)

The Management of Technology is all about the `tools’ and metrics organisations use to gain competitive advantage. Simplistically it is “a way of doing things better” and may involve the use of anything from computers and hi-tech, to project management processes, to simple hand-held tools. In this context, we refer to the small “t” in technology where organisations manage their technology to best position their products or services to maximise their market share.


The Management of Innovation (MoI)

The Management of Innovation is all about how an organisation stimulates and capitalises on the ideation process to develop an innovative product, service or system which has either commercial or social value. It’s about hard metrics such as income generated from new products, processes, services or systems as well as success rates in commercialising new offerings.

The Management of People (MoP)

The Management of People is all about the human interface. It embraces both the employee and the end user. It is about the processes that organisations deploy in the development of their human capital, and how they retain and re-skill existing employees, how they incentivise their people and how they plan for succession to ensure organisational longevity.

Systemic Thinking

This is the process of synthesis, where systemic integration of all organisational activities and performance is used to create solutions, and where a hyper-competitive re-design of the landscape may occur.


Integrates the dynamics of the Management of Technology and the Management of Innovation such, that as the organisation develops, it improves and adapts its technology needs and appropriate innovation is applied to generate real market value and profitability. It is about speed to market, response to changes and ability to cope with new world flexibility.


Alignment is the integration of the Management of Technology and the Management of People by ensuring that the organisation up-skills (by acquisition or development) the appropriate human capabilities to match, and even exceed the technological needs at any one time. It is measured in terms of total up-skilling costs ensuring that appropriate skills are in place, the integration of technology within the day-to-day business operations, matching technology requirements and skills needs, and developing from within.


Engagement integrates the Management of People and the Management of Innovation by way of evaluating the commitment and motivation of people at the workplace. It is measured in terms of the total incentive cost within the organisation and how much people take on personal initiative and accountability.

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